Watch TV with Your Wii! …in Japan

In addition to being useful for breaking windows, bashing people over the head, stabbing, driving, and other random acts of violence, you can now use the Wii Remote as a universal remote for watching television. Japanese Wii owners can download the TV Guide Channel, which will let them surf through channels, share their favorite shows with their friends, rate shows, view demographic data to see what other Wii users are watching, and receive an e-mail or SMS message 30 minutes before a show they want to watch is going to begin.

It looks like for all its “pure gaming” ideals, Nintendo is bowing to the multi-media desires of the masses with this. Still, if they were to implement this in the US, I’d be all over it. Unfortunately, I think that until cable television becomes nationally standardized (as opposed to only within a certain state or company), this cannot be a reality.