BenQ X2200W Gaming Monitor Hit With Delays After Factory Fire

“…a major fire that burned down the production factory where we were receiving these monitors from. However, they should be in stores by early June and we should have samples available for you by May 1.”

That’s the official word from BenQ. Thankfully the monitor is still coming but it will be delayed to around June.

I personally am really excited for this monitor as it has a 2ms response time and AMA technology that pretty much eliminates any kind of LCD tearing.

AMA increases voltage to speed up the time it takes liquid crystals to go from dark to bright and back again. With AMA, the X Series performs this cycle at a blistering 2ms GTG (Grey to Grey response time). It’s like pressing on the gas pedal to make images appear faster and give gamers what they want most: quick response.

Really incredible monitor technology that I recommend tech heads take a look at.