Ryu Ga Kotoku Kenzan Impressions

Anyway here are my stats:
Rank: Chuu-kyuu
Completion Rate: 10.7%
Time: 28:30

Still don’t really like the combat in the game, and it really got to me in the later fights but I didn’t have any real problems against anyone save for one boss near the end. The story is one of the best I’ve played (even though I have to admit I didn’t 100% understand all of it… I got maybe 95% of the main story) and the ending is just ridiculously awesome.

For me, the game is a solid 90% or 95%. FYI I think the first RGG was probably an 85% game, so I think this one is a bit better for a lot of small reasons (better loading, more enjoyable mini-games, story is more epic and grand, etc.) I think if the combat was smoothed out a bit more it would be good. I’d like it if certain strings were cancelable or if you could have a make a combo feature or something like that.