Valkyria Chronicles character trailer 6 and info

A new character trailer has been released, this time featuring Alicia, this time however more than just the trailer has been released. The “book” style apperantly plays into the gameplay and story as the game menu is a book and the story follows a single story, likely a diary of one of the characters. In battle it is a curious mix of real time with pause and strategy, where you run around in real time but attacks are made in a paused mode and you make each unit’s move in turn using this method. Being defeated doesn’t immediatly result in death, instead the character will be “pushed down” and a medic can be called to recover them. Inbetween battles players can train their troops, and do R&D to improve weapons for the characters or upgrade the tank. An interesting tidbit is that the game can be , but apperantly does not have to be installed on the harddrive, coming in at a whopping 3.3 GB, and with load times at a paultry 15 seconds without an install one has to wonder what the point is.