LEGOs Will Never Die.


LEGOs Will Never Die.

I grew up on Legos. Hours of my childhood were spent building complex structures out of plastic blocks using only my mind and a strangely intuitive booklet of pictorial instructions. I'm a grown man now, and I still find myself getting giddy over the upcoming Lego themed games.

The early days of Legos in the Gaming world were sketchy at best. If you don't remember any of them before Lego Star Wars, it's because most of them crashed and burned (Lego Racer, anyone?). Who would have thought that there would be a proverbial renaissance of Lego video games, starting with Star Wars, and moving on the Indiana Jones and Batman? I don't know about you, but I'd piss myself with glee if I could see one lego man tearing out the heart of another over a pit of lava.

I don't know if it's the style, the game play, or the humor that makes me want to play these games, but I know it has something to do with seeing your enemy blow into pieces when you shoot it with a blaster. It's incredibly cheerful and violent at the same time. We can only hope that they keep it up in the upcoming games, and that novelty won't be lost once we get there.

While looking online for what Lego themed games were coming out soon, I stumbled across Lego Universe, an MMO that in my opinion has the greatest possibilities for any game known to man. Freaking pirates and ninjas and lego spacemen all fighting and occupying the same world. Building your own vehicles and houses, making yourselves immense weapons from scratch. If they do this right, it could be the greatest thing since Freebird was written. However, there are an immense number of ways that this could fail miserably, so fingers crossed that this will not go down like Hellgate did.