Sega thinks the world should be Destroyed!


Sega thinks the world should be Destroyed!

And you are just the one to do it! In their newly revealed game, titled ambitiously “World Destruction”, you will take on the role of Kyrie who is recruited by a rebel group that wants to destroy the world. Why? Well why not! Well ok the real reason is likely to provide hours of reading text explaining how horrible it is to live life as livestock to the beastmen.

With Masato Kato doing the scenario there is little doubt that we will see an instant classic. From his work story planning in Chrono Trigger to script writing in Xenogears it is clear virtually everything he writes turns to gold. And that isn't even the only name to drop, they have the composer from Chrono Trigger, Yasunori Mitsuda, doing the music.

The game itself will be presented in 2D/3D DS RPG style. The battle system is akin to Chrono Trigger's with 3 characters fighting in turn-based battle using battle points to attack with special abilities or combo attacks. X-slash FTW!

No announcement has been made yet on a stateside release, and sega would be crazy not to, but cross fingers till they do just to be safe.