WiiWare Starts In Japan


WiiWare Starts In Japan

The service will launch with Dr. Mario, Pokemon Ranch Channel, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Little King, Star Soldier R and some random Japanese craziness that I will detail below.

Ping-Pong! 500 Wii points and you get a ghetto version of Wii sports tennis. Sounds like a steal to me!

A puzzle game by the name of Mojipittan that has been on many consoles.

Animal Panic is one that actually looks like a lot of fun. You basically herd all kinds of animals into pens. Simple, yet silly fun.

Oh boy Solitaire with two underage angels. Sounds like a steal for 500 points! Oh wait maybe I'll just play solitaire on this computer…?

And last but not least is LONPOS which is yet another puzzle game.

Ok so all these other games are a bit underwhelming but Final Fantasy looks like a must have.